Philips Videopac – collection

Part number
Manufactured by
Philips G7000 Videopac7000/00PhilipsCIB JJ
Philips G7000 Videopac7000/10PhilipsC JJ
Philips G7000 Videopac7000/20PhilipsC JJ
Philips G7000 Videopac7000/22PhilipsCIB JJ
Philips G7000 Videopac7000/53PhilipsCIB JJ
Philips G7000 Videopac7000/54PhilipsCIB JJ
Philips G7200 Videopac7200/05PhilipsC JJ50688
Philips G7200 Videopac (sold)7200/05PhilipsC-
Philips G7400 Videopac+7400/00PhilipsCIB JJ
Odyssey2BC7600GT02MagnavoxCIB JJ


Part number
Manufactured by
Chess ModuleC7010PhilipsCIB
Home Computer Module - Extension BasicC7420PhilipsCI
Philips Videopac Cassette Box-PhilipsC


Philips Games
Part number
NewscasterAPhilipsCart & Instructions for use
Race / Spinout / Cryptogram01PhilipsCIB P + A
Race / Spinout / Cryptogram +01 +PhilipsCIB P
Pairs / Space Rendezvous / Logic02PhilipsCIB P + A
American Football03PhilipsCIB P + A
Air-Sea War / Battle04PhilipsCIB P + A
Blackjack05PhilipsCIB P + A
Tenpin Bowling / Basketball06PhilipsCIB P + A
Mathematician / Echo07PhilipsCIB P + A
Baseball08PhilipsCIB P + A
Computer Programmer09PhilipsCIB P + A
Golf10PhilipsCIB P + A
Cosmic Conflict11PhilipsCIB P + A
Cosmic Conflict +11 +PhilipsCIB P
Take the Money and Run12PhilipsCIB P + A
Playschool Maths13PhilipsCIB A
Gunfighter14PhilipsCIB P + A
Samurai15PhilipsCIB P + A
Marksman / Depth Charge16PhilipsCIB P + A
Chinese Logic17PhilipsCIB P
Laser War18PhilipsCIB P + A
Catch the Ball / Noughts and Crosses19PhilipsCIB P + A
Stone Sling20PhilipsCIB P + A
Stone Sling +20 +PhilipsCIB P
Secret of the Pharaohs21PhilipsCIB P + A
Space Monster22PhilipsCIB P + A
Space Monster +22 +PhilipsCIB P
Las Vegas Gambling23PhilipsCIB P + A
Flipper Game24PhilipsCIB P + A
Skiing25PhilipsCIB P + A
Basket Game26PhilipsCIB P + A
Electronic Table Football27PhilipsCIB P
Electronic Volleyball28PhilipsCIB P
Dam Buster29PhilipsCIB P
Battlefield30PhilipsCIB P
Musician31PhilipsCIBO P + A
A Labyrinth Game / Supermind32PhilipsCIB P
Jumping Acrobats33PhilipsCIB P
Satellite Attack34PhilipsCIB P
Satellite Attack +34 +PhilipsCIB P
Electronic Billiards35PhilipsCIB P
Electronic Scoccer / Icehokey36PhilipsCIB P
Monkeyshines37PhilipsCIB P
Munchkin38PhilipsCIB P
Munchkin +38 +PhilipsCIB P
Freedom Fighters39PhilipsCIB P
Freedom Fighters +39 +PhilipsCIB P
4 in 1 Row40PhilipsCIB P
Conquest of the World41PhilipsCIB A (DK)
The Quest for the Rings42PhilipsCIB A (DK)
Pickaxe Pete43PhilipsCIB P
Pickaxe Pete +43 +PhilipsCIB P
Crazy Chase44PhilipsCIB P
Morse45PhilipsCIB P
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt46Philips/MagnavoxCIB A
The Mousing Cat / Adversaries47PhilipsCIB P
Backgammon48PhilipsCIB P
Turtles49PhilipsCIB P
Super Bee50PhillipsCIB P
Terrahawks +51 +PhilipsCIB P
Killer Bees +52 +PhilipsCIB P
Nightmare +53 +PhilipsCIB P
Loony Balloon +54 +PhilipsCIB P
Neutron Star +55 +PhilipsCIB P
Norseman +56 +PhilipsCIB P
Blobbers57PhilipsCIB P
Air Battle +58 +PhilipsCIB P
Helicopter Rescue +59 +PhilipsCIB P
Trans American Rally +60 +PhilipsCIB P


Magnavox Games
Part number
Speedway / Spin-Out - Crypto-LogicAC9400MagnavoxCIB A
I’ve Get Your NumberAC9413MagnavoxCIB A
Nimble Numbers NedAC9439MagnavoxC
SmithereensAC9441MagnavoxCB A
Attack of the TimelordAC9445MagnavoxC
Batalha Medieval!AV9441PhilipsCIB


Other Games
Part number
Frogger-ParkerCB A
Popeye-ParkerCIB A
Q*Bert-ParkerCIB A
Super Cobra-ParkerCB A
Demon Attack-ImagicC
Jopac Moto-Crash +-JopacCIB P
Radiola Race-RadiolaCIB P
Siera Gunfighter-SieraCIB P