Philips CDi – collection

Part number
Manufactured by
Compact Disc Interactive PlayerCDI 210/20PhilipsC


Part number
Manufactured by
CDI Controller-PhilipsC


Part number
A Visit to Sesame Street Letters699 018-2PhilipsCIB
Alice In Wonderland810 0014PhilipsCIB
Alien Gate810 0049PhilipsCIB
Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Premiere Collection Encore810 2001PhilipsCIB
Anne willan, the food of france-PhilipsCIB
Backgammon699 039-2PhilipsCIB
Battleship817 0003PhilipsCIB
Bryan Adams, Waking Up The Neighbours810 2002PhilipsCIB
Caesars World Of Gambling699 027-2PhilipsCIB
Caricature, Create Your Own810 0045PhilipsCIB
Cartoon Jukebox699 001-2PhilipsCIB
Cartoon Jukebox699 001-2PhilipsCIB
CD Shoot810 0034PhilipsCB
Compton´s Interactive Encyclopedia810 0047PhilipsCIB
Dimo’s Quest810 0166PhilipsCIB
Domino - Het Oudste Spel, Het Nieuwste Medium-PhilipsCIB (NL)
Dragon's Lair810 0181PhilipsCI
Dutch Masters Of the 17th Century810 0019PhilipsSW
Dutch Masters Of the 17th Century810 0019PhilipsCIB
Escape From Cybercity810 0005PhilipsCIB
Family Games I810 0215PhilipsCIB
Golden Oldies Jukebox699 006-2PhilipsCIB
Hotel Mario310690260-2PhilipsSW
International Tennis Open810 0030PhilipsCIB
International Tennis Open810 0030PhilipsCIB
James Brown Nonstop Hit Machine810 0028PhilipsCIB
Link: The Faces of Evil810 0080PhilipsCIB
Louis Armstrong An American Songbook699 031-2PhilipsCIB
Mozart: A Musical Biography699 041-2PhilipsCIB
Mystic Midway - Rest in Pieces810 0021PhilipsCIB
Mystic Midway - Rest in Pieces810 0021PhilipsCIB
Othello810 0163PhilipsSW
Pavarottoi - O Sole Mio699 040-2PhilipsCIB
Power match-PhilipsCIB
Renaissance Of Florence, the699 036-2PhilipsCIB
Richard Scarry´s Best Neighborhood Disc Ever!699 037-2PhilipsSW
Richard Scarry´s Best Neighborhood Disc Ever!699 037-2PhilipsCIB
Rio '88 - Tina Turner083 340-4PhilipsCIB
Rock Guitar - Private Lesson Series810 0059PhilipsSW
Sandy´s Circus Adventure699 022-2PhilipsCIB
Sargon Chess699 030-2PhilipsSW
Space Ace810 0073PhilipsCIB
Tetris810 0040PhilipsSW
The Palm Springs Open817 0001PhilipsCIB
The Renaissance of Florence699036-2PhilipsCIB
Time-Life Astrology810 0136PhilipsCIB
Time-Life Photography699 017-2PhilipsCIB
Treasures Of the Smithsonian699 010-2PhilipsSW
Voyeur810 0162PhilipsCIB
Zelda: the Wand of Gamelon810 0096PhilipsCIB