Wanted Videogames and accessories

Manufactured by
Atari 2600 PackagingAtariPackagingOriginal packaging in good shape
N-Gage ClassicNokiaHardwarePreferably CIB
N-Gage QDNokiaHardwarePreferably CIB
Sega MultiMegaSegaHardwareSega CD console
Sega Saturn PackagingSegaPackagingOriginal packaging in good shape
Sega SG-1000SegaHardwareFirst console by Sega
Videopac G7200 PackagingPhilips VideopacPackagingOriginal packaging in good shape
WonderSwan ColorBandaiHardwarePreferably CIB
PSOne with LCD screenSonyHardwareBox not required


Part number
Manufactured by
Atari Jaguar CDAtariHardwareCD add-on
Dreamcast GunSega DreamcastHardwareOriginal DC pistol
Famicom HVC-005 PistolFamicom/NintendoHardwarePreferably in packaging
Famicom HVC-007 tastaturFamicom/NintendoHardwarePreferably in packaging
Game Boy PrinterNintendo GameboyHardwarePreferably CIB
NES Flight stickNintendo NESHardwarePreferably CIB
Odyssey 2 voice moduleMagnavoxHardwarePreferably in packaging
Snes ControllerSuper NintendoHardware-
Super Mario Paint m. musSuper NintendoHard/SoftwarePreferably CIB
Videopac Basic ModulePhilips VideopacHardwarePreferably in packaging
WonderBorgBandaiHardwarePreferably CIB


A2600 - Color styles boxesAtari 2600Cartridge/BoxesBoxes in good condition
A2600 - AdventureAtari 2600CartridgeCardridge and box
A5200 - CyrussAtari 5200CartridgeBox not required
A5200 - Donkey KongAtari 5200CartridgeBox not required
A5200 - Wizard of WorAtari 5200CartridgeEmballage ikke et krav
A5200 - ZaxxonAtari 5200CartridgeBox not required
C64 - Guldkorn ExpressenCommodore 64CartridgeDanish produced game
C64 - Harald HardtandCommodore 64CartridgeDanish produced game
C64 - HugoCommodore 64CartridgeDanish produced game
C64 - Jagten pa bubber badekarCommodore 64CartridgeDanish produced game
C64 - Super OswaldCommodore 64CartridgeDanish produced game
Famicom - Super Mario Brothers 1Famicom/NintendoFloppy diskFloppy disk
Famicom - The Legend of Zelda Famicom/NintendoFloppy diskFloppy disk
Videopac - 13 Playschool MathsPhilips VideopacCartridgeMust be plastic packaging
Videopac - 17 Chinese LogicPhilips VideopacCartridgeMust be cardboard packaging
A2600 - Sprint MasterAtari 2600CartridgeCardridge and box


Other stuff
Published by
Klubblade, magasiner, brochure og andet trykAtari, Sega, Nintendo mv. BladMagazine in danish
Atari Game Center (Storage Organizer)Atari-Official Atari 2600 Game Center - Woodgrain


Manufactured by
Atari AsteroidsAtariArcade machineWishful thinking
Atari PongAtariArcade machineWishful thinking
Computer Space NuttingNuttingArcade machineWishful thinking
Plnball machine-Plnball machineMust be in good condition
Slot machine with arm and hold buttons-Slot machineMust be in good condition