Atari VCS 2600 – collection

Part number
Manufactured by
VCS 2600 (Woody)CX-2600AtariCIB JJ8004814
VCS 2600 (Woody)CX-2600AtariCIB JJ72616
VCS 2600 (Woody) (sold)CX-2600AtariC-
VCS 2600 A (Darth Vader)CX-2600 APAtariC JAI 0008211
VCS 2600 A (Darth Vader)CX-2600 APAtariC JAI 0001605
VCS 2600 JuniorCX-2600 JRAtariCIB JJX713 4 385283
VCS 2600 JuniorCX-2600 JRAtariCA1 84 383000
VCS 2600 JuniorCX-2600 JRAtariCX197 268046
Part number
Manufactured by
Kid's ControllerCX23AtariJ
Deluxe Joystick ControllerCX24AtariJJ
Driving Controllers for Indy 500CX20AtariJJ
Driving Controllers for Indy 500CX20AtariJJ
Faster Blaster Controller MA 02703Transcriber Co.JJ
Joypad ControllerCX78AtariJJ
Joystick - One Pair ModelCX40-04AtariJJB
Joystick ControllersCX40AtariJJ
Keyboard ControllersCX50AtariJJB
Keyboard ControllersCX50AtariJJB
Paddle ControllersCX30AtariJJB
Paddle ControllersCX30AtariJJJJJJJJJJ
Video Touch PadCX21AtariJIB
Video Touch PadCX21AtariJIB
Video Touch PadCX21AtariJIB
Video Arcade II PaddleAW223SearsJJ
Dust cover with Atari logo---
Part number
** 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (sold)CX2618AtariC
* 3-D Tic-Tac-ToeCX2618AtariCI DK BT
32 in 1 GameCX26163AtariC SP
32 in 1 GameCX26163AtariC SP
* 32 in 1 GameCX26163AtariC SP
* AdventureCX2613AtariCI DK BT
Air Raiders (INTV white label)MT5861M-NetworkC
Air-Sea BattleCX2602AtariCI BT
* Air-Sea BattleCX2602AtariCIB DK BT
* Air-Sea BattleCX2602AtariCI BP
* Alpha Beam With ErnieCX26103AtariCI DK SL
Amidar-Parker BrothersC
AsteroidsCX2649AtariC BP
AsteroidsCX2649AtariC BP
* AsteroidsCX2649AtariCIB DK BP
** Atlantis (sold)IA3203PImagicSW
* BackgammonCX2617AtariCI DK BT
Basic MathCX2661AtariCIB DK BT
* Basic MathCX2661AtariCIB DK BT
Basic ProgrammingCX2620AtariCIB DK BT
Basic ProgrammingCX2620AtariSW
* Basic ProgrammingCX2620AtariCIB DK BT
BasketballCX2624AtariSW SP
Basketball (NTSC)99826TelegamesCI T
** Basketball (sold)CX2624AtariC
* BasketballCX2624AtariCI DK BP
* BasketballCX2624AtariCIB DK BT
* BattlezoneCX2681AtariCI DK SP
BerzerkCX2650AtariC BP
* BerzerkCX2650AtariCI DK BP
* Big Bird's Egg CatchCX26104AtariSW
* BlackjackCX2651AtariCI BT
* BowlingCX2628AtariCIB DK BT
* BoxingCX26135AtariC RP
Brain GamesCX2664AtariCIB DK BT
* Brain GamesCX2664AtariCIB DK BT
* BreakoutCX2622AtariC BT
Bump 'n' Jump-TelegamesCIB
Carnival4L1718CBS ElectronicsC
* CasinoCX2652AtariCIB DK BT
* CasinoCX2652 PAtariCI BT
* CentipedeCX2676AtariCI DK SP
* Championship SoccerCX2616AtariC BT
Circus AtariCX2630AtariCIB DK BP
* Circus AtariCX2630AtariCIB DK BT
* Circus AtariCX2630AtariCI BP
* CodebreakerCX2643AtariCI DK BP
* CodebreakerCX2643AtariCIB DK BT
CombatCX2601AtariCIB DK BT
CombatCX2601AtariCI BT
* CombatCX2601-PAtariCIB DK BT
* Concentration, a game ofCX-2642-PAtariCI BT
* Cookie Monster MunchCX26102AtariSW
** Cosmic Ark (sold)IA3204PImagicSW
** Cosmic Creeps (sold)1002TelesysCI
* Crystal CastlesCX26110AtariCIB SP
* DefenderCX2609AtariSW
* DefenderCX2609AtariC BP
** Demolition Herby (sold)1006TelesysCI
Demon Attack720101-2ImagicC
* Demons To DiamondsCX2615AtariCI DK BP
* Desert FalconCX26140AtariC RP
Dig DugCX2677AtariSW RP
** Dig Dug (sold)CX2677AtariC SP
* Dig DugCX2677AtariCIB SP
Dodge 'emCX2637AtariB
* Dodge 'emCX2637AtariC BP
* Dodge 'emCX2637AtariCIB BT
Double DonkCX26159AtariSW RP
** Dragonfire (sold)IA3611PImagicSW
* ETCX2674AtariCIB DK SP
** Fast Food (sold)1003TelesysCI
Fatal RunCX26162Atari SW RP
** Fathom (sold)13205ImagicSW
** Fire Fighter (sold)IA3400PImagicCIB
Fishing DerbyPAG-004ActivisionCI
Fishing DerbyPAG-004ActivisionC
* Football - RealSports SoccerCX2667AtariCIB DK BT
Frogger-Parker BrothersC
** Galaxian (sold)CX2684AtariC SP
* GalaxianCX2684AtariCI DK SP
Gangster AlleySA 201SpectravisionCI
* GolfCX2634-PAtariCI DK BT
Grand Prix PAX-14ActivisionCI
* HangmanCX2662AtariC BT
* Human CannonballCX2627AtariCI DK BT
* Hunt & ScoreCX2642AtariCIB DK BT
* Ikara WarriorsCX26177AtariC RP
* Indy 500CX2611AtariCIB DK BP
** Infiltrate (sold)AP2006ApolloCI
** Infiltrate (sold)AP2006ApolloCI
Invasion der UFO´S-QuelleC
** Jawbreaker (sold)7-002TigervisionCI
* JoustCX2691AtariCIB DK SP
Jr. Pac-ManCX26123AtariCIB RP
Jungle HuntCX2688AtariC SP
** Jungle Hunt (sold)CX2688AtariC SP
* Jungle HuntCX2688AtariCIB DK SP
KangarooCX2689AtariC SP
** Kangaroo (sold)CX2689AtariC SP
* KangarooCX2689AtariCIB DK SP
* KangarooCX2689AtariSW SP
Keystone KapersAX025ActivisionC
** King Kong (sold)7-001TigervisionC
KlaxCX26192AtariSW RP
Laser Blast PAG-008ActivisionC
** Lost Luggage (sold)AP2004ApolloCI
** Lost Luggage (sold)AP2004ApolloCI
** Marauder(sold) 7-005TigervisionCI
* Math Gran PrixCX2658AtariCI DK BP
* Maze CrazeCX2635AtariCIB DK BT
Midnight MagicCX26129AtariSW RP
Midnight MagicCX26129AtariC RP
Midnight MagicCX26129AtariC RP
Midnight MagicCX26129AtariC RP
* MillipedeCX26118AtariCB SP
Miniature GolfCX2626AtariCI BP
* Miniature GolfCX2626AtariCIB DK BT
* Missile CommandCX2638AtariCI DK RP
Missile CommandCX2638AtariC BP
Missile CommandCX2638AtariC BP
* Missile CommandCX2638AtariCIB DK BP
Mission 3000-Bit CorpC
Moon PatrolCX2692AtariC SP
Moon PatrolCX2692AtariC SP
* Moon PatrolCX2692AtariCI DK SP
** MS. Pac-Man (sold)CX2675AtariC SP
* MS. Pac-ManCX2675AtariCIB DK SP
* Night DriverCX2633AtariCI DK BP
* Night DriverCX2633AtariCI DK BT
* OthelloCX2639AtariCI DK BT
* OutlawCX2605AtariCI DK BT
* OutlawCX2605AtariCI DK BP
** Pac-Man (sold)CX2646AtariC BP
* Pac-ManCX2646AtariCI DK BP
* Pelé's ScoccerCX2616AtariCIB DK BP
* PhoenixCX2673AtariCIB DK SP
Pole PositionCX2694AtariCB SP
* Pole PositionCX2694AtariCIB DK SP
* Q*bertCX26150AtariCIB RP
Quick Step3211ImagicC
** Racquetball (sold)AP2003ApolloCI
** Racquetball (sold)AP2003ApolloC
* Raiders of the Lost ArkCX2659AtariCI DK SP
** Ram It (sold)1004TelesysCI
ReactorPB5330Parker BrothersC
** Riddle of the Sphinx (sold)IA3600PImagicSW
River RaidEAX-020ActivisionC
Scoccer - RealSportsCX2667AtariSW RP
Scoccer - RealSportsCX2667AtariC SP
Sesam Öffne Dich!-Bit Corp.CIB
** Shark Attack (sold)AP2005ApolloCI
** Shark Attack (sold)AP2005ApolloCI
** Skeet Shoot (sold)AP1001ApolloCI
** Skeet Shoot (sold)AP1001ApolloCI
* Sky DiverCX2629AtariCIB DK BT
Sky DiverCX2629AtariC BT
** Sky Diver (sold)CX2629AtariC BT
* Sky DiverCX2629-PAtariCIB DK BT
Slot RacersCX2606-PAtariCI DK BT
* Slot RacersCX2606AtariCIB DK BT
* Slot RacersCX2606-PAtariCI BP
* Sorcerer's ApprenticeCX26109AtariCI SL
** Space Cavern (sold)AP2002ApolloCI
** Space Cavern (sold)AP2002ApolloCI
Space InvadersCX2632AtariC BP
** Space Invaders (sold)CX2632AtariC BP
* Space InvadersCX2632AtariCIB DK BT
* Space InvadersCX2632AtariCI DK BP
Space WarCX2604-PAtariCI DK BT
* Space WarCX2604AtariCIB DK BT
** Spacechase (sold)AP2001ApolloCI
** Spacechase (sold)AP2001ApolloCI
Star RaidersCX2660AtariSW
Star RaidersCX2660AtariC BP
Star RaidersCX2660AtariC BP
* Star RaidersCX2660AtariCIBJ DK BP
** Star Voyager (sold)IA3201PImagicSW
Star Wars - Jedi ArenaPB5000Parker BrothersC
Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Death Star BattlePB5060Parker BrothersC
* StargateCX26120AtariCB SP
** Stargunner (sold)1005TelesysCI
* Street RacerCX2612AtariCIB DK BT
Summer Games-EpyxC
* Super BreakoutCX2608AtariCI BP
* Super BreakoutCX2608AtariSW
* SupermanCX2631-PAtariCI DK BT
* SupermanCX2631AtariCIB DK BT
SurroundCX2641AtariCIB DK BT
* SurroundCX2641AtariCIB DK BT
* Swordquest - EarthworldCX2656AtariCI SP
** Swordquest - Waterworld (Sold)CX2671AtariC SP
Tape WormSA 204SpectravisionC
** Tennis - RealSports (sold)CX2680AtariC SP
* Tennis - RealSportsCX2680AtariSW RP
* Tennis - RealSportsCX2680AtariCI DK SP
** Threshold(sold) 7-003TigervisionCI
** Trick Shot (sold)IA3000PImagicSW
VanguardCX2669AtariCI SP
* VanguardCX2669AtariCIB DK SP
Venture4L2278CBS ElectronicsC
* Video CheckersCX2636AtariCI BP
* Video CheckersCX2636-PAtariCI DK BT
Video ChessCX2645AtariC BP
Video ChessCX2645AtariC BP
* Video ChessCX2645AtariCI BT
* Video ChessCX2645AtariC BP
Video OlympicsCX2621-PAtariCI BT
* Video OlympicsCX2621AtariCIB DK BT
* Video PinballCX2648AtariCI DK BP
VolleyballCX2666AtariC SP
* Volleyball - Real SportsCX2666AtariSW RP
* VolleyballCX2666AtariSW RP
Wachroboter Jagt Jupy718.8535QuelleCI
* WarlordsCX2610AtariCI DK BP
XenophopeCX26172AtariSW RP
* Yars' RevengeCX2655AtariCI DK BP
* Yars' RevengeCX2655AtariCIB DK BP

C = Cartridge, disc, etc.
I = Instructions, manual, etc.
B = Box, packaging, etc.
SW = Shrink Wrap / Factory Sealed

DK = Danish manual

Atari only:
BT = Black label text (1977-1980)
BP = Black label picture (1981-1982, 1985-1988)
SP = Silver label picture (1982-1985)
RP = Red label picture (1986-1990)
SL = Special series labels

* = Stays in my private collection
** = Sold items
The rest of the items is for sale. Send me an email with an offer to mail(a)